Basic Tips for Learning Ms Excel Quickly

Ms Excel is one of the most complex Microsoft software packages, but it provides plenty of functional benefits for a wide spectrum of applications. With free training to learn Excel, you can master your way around the application. But you must do it step by step, starting with the most basic, simplest of spreadsheet functions. Here are some fundamental Excel functions you want to learn before taking your "game" to the next level:

Simple Mathematics

Excel is unique from other Microsoft applications because it's built mainly for the manipulation of numbers and formulas. So, it makes sense that any online Excel training you receive for free should give you a firm foundation to work with when it comes to processing of numerical data. The first thing for you to learn is that this spreadsheet application requires formulas to do any calculations, and it recognizes any statement as a formula if it begins with an equals sign (=). For example, to get the application to add 10 to 10, you need to go to a specific cell and type = 10+10. If you hit enter, the cell will display the result 20.  

The Auto Sum Feature

The Auto Sum feature is used to work out the total amount for any selected combination of rows or columns. For example, you could enter the marks a student scored in 10 subjects under a "marks" row you created on your worksheet. If you select a cell that directly below your marks entries for all the 10 subjects and hit the Auto Sum button, the total score for the student will be computed and displayed on the selected cell.


Learning to work with formats is also an important part of basic Excel. Formatting numbers in Excel helps the application know the data types it's dealing with. It is also important to the user to avoid entering the wrong data types. Formatting types include currency and date.


You can also create tables in Excel. Creating tables in Excel alters the way your data looks and is presented while also presenting different ways in which data can be manipulated. If you work with a lot of data, you can also use Pivot Tables to summarize it.

While Excel has so many functions and features that you can learn in a day, you can still master the application with step by step training. Thankfully, you can access free training to learn access online where the tutorials are designed for the needs of both experienced and inexperienced users. Please view this site for further details.