3 Good Reasons to Learn Excel

Microsoft Excel is an extremely popular business application that's used all over the world today. Learning Excel can be a smart move that will benefit you both professionally and personally. If you've ever wondered how mastering Excel can be beneficial for your career or life, or you've just been curious to know the many things that Excel has, read on. Afterwards, you'll have a pretty better clue about how it can help your situation.  

Excel is wonderful for tracking financial performance

The main function of Excel is its use as a commercial application. Therefore, it's perfect for tracking all kinds of financial performance over time. No matter what you use it for in business, it's highly likely that Excel is beneficial for you. A sales manager can track employees' performance against their quotas and goals using Excel. A marketing manager can track the ROI and performance of their media expenses, and accountants can of course track and monitor the overall financial performance and transactions of a company.  

Excel promotes organization

One of the basic benefits of the Excel spreadsheet is that it helps you with organization in the very hectic world. As for your personal life, you may use the simplicity and power of Excel to make all types of checklists and budgets. You can create a list of tasks for each week that you need to do, or even create a shopping or grocery list. As Excel is very powerful at manipulating numbers, you can use it to manage your family budget, and plan for major expenses such as retirement and even your next holiday abroad.

If you're on a budget, you can also learn to use Google Sheets to organize and track stuff. While Google Sheets is no match for Excel, it can help with low-duty tasks such as data entry, record keeping and collaboration with others. But don't expect any data analysis wonder in it (not yet atleast).

Learning Excel can benefit your career

It's quite obvious, but having some Excel training can be a big boost to your career. A majority of regular office jobs today require some basic knowledge of Excel at least. If you can use spreadsheets effectively, this can make you a more valuable employee. This will help to justify your salary, or even a salary increase. Additionally, having Excel skills can hand you an instant edge against your colleagues who want the same advancements and promotions as you.

It's clear to see that learning spreadsheets such as Excel may have a significant effect on various areas of your life. From being organized in your home to carrying out vital business functions in the office, Excel is a good application for everyone who needs a bit of efficiency in their life.